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The Amazing Broken del.icio.us Stemmer!

April 13, 2007 - This hasn't worked for a while. Thanks for coming by, though.

This program stems every tag in your del.icio.us collection in an effort to find duplicate concepts. Tags with identical stems are probably similar words, such as loves, loved, and love. This app can be semi-useful as your tag set grows, and in your tagging craze you forget exactly what form of a tag you used.

I'm not the first to try this. I picked up the torch from Matt Biddulph, whose work was found while researching stemming algorithms for another project. I use a Ruby Porter Stemming implementation written by Ray Pereda to perform the stemming, and get the tags via del.icio.us's API.

You can see my questionable code here. Let me know if you can make any improvements or do anything cool with it.

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